Large diameter titan pipes

In the long run, the task to select a metal for pipelines, designed for use under sea water conditions, is added up to provide 30 years of service life for such installations. By this reason preference was given to titan Grade VT1-0, as a material which has high resistance to chlorous salt solutions such as NaCl, MgCl2, CaCl2 etc. There have been elaborated and implemented new manufacturing technologies in the process of execution of an order for pipes O 159?4 - O 820?16 mm (6II-32II) in diameter.
1.Weld-rolled pipes under Technical Specification 1825-143-00186654-2004 (implemented for the first time) O 159?4 - O 426?12 mm (6II-16II), up to 11 meters long. Technical Specification covers large diameter pipes cold pressed form arc welded billet made of titan alloys VT1-0, designed for use as a part of process pipelines of chemical, petrochemical and power units, marine systems. Pipes are manufactured by means of cold rolling from arc welded pipe billets in accordance with Specification 1825-002-06097391-04 (implemented for the first time) with one longitudinal weld seam up to O 478 mm in diameter, 4-6 meters long. There are no lateral weld seams. By end-user request, pipes for rolling are supplied with hydraulic pressure tests completed. Pipes are supplied heat treated with etched surface, 100% UST (ultrasonic checked), radiography inspection of weld seams - 100%.
2.Longitudinal welded pipes under Technical Agreement 205-2004 O 530?7 - O 820?16 mm (22II-32II) in diameter , 4-6 meters long. Pipes are designed for process pipelines and made of titan alloys Type VT1-0. Pipes are manufactured form metal sheet, length - 4,5-5 meters, without lateral weld seams, with one or two longitudinal weld seams. Pipes are supplied hydraulically tested for strength and tightness. 100% of weld seams are subject to radiography inspection. Tightness class of weld joints – IV in accordance with industry branch Standard 26-11-14.

3. The product range of longitudinal welded pipes under Specification 1825-002-06097391-04 is within O 426?7 - O 1220?16 mm (16II-48II), 4,5 – 6 meters long. Number of lateral weld seams for sizes from O 530 mm (22II) to O 920 mm (36II) – no more then two; O 1020mm (40II), O 1220 mm (48II)– no more then three.

All technical documentation is registered by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Benefits of such pipes: large diameter and length, thin wall thickness along with high strength. With such ratios, pipes made of titan VT1-0 are economically comparable with cupronickel pipes and stainless steel pipes, but have higher corrosion-erosion resistance.
We also manufacture sharp-bended elbows O 45- O 630 mm (1 ? II- 26II) in diameter, made of titan Grade VT1-0, and replenish pipelines with reducing unions, flanges, fasteners etc.

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